Not exactly 'roughin it' like I used to as a kid, because we had a TV, but we have been camping all the same!!

We went to Airlie Beach and stayed in Cannonvale at a little caravan park called Seabreeze Tourist Park. Pete stays there when he goes up there to work and it is a wonderful little park! The owner is so nice and does many things around the place herself.

The trip up on Monday was just horrible and I was NOT looking forward to doing ANYTHING!! I had Moo, Corky, Lenny, Amy, Bubba and, of course, William. Six kids in a car that do not get a long at the best of times......lets just say it was doomed from the start and by the time I got to Rocky (just a little over an hour from here), I wanted to turn around and head home!! Thank goodness I persevered and we made it all up in one piece....just!! I mean, there wasnt just the fighting kids for me to contend with (by myself), there was rain and trucks that spat up heaps of water so I couldnt see in front of them to see if I could overtake AND the numerous stops just so that ONE kid could go to the toilet at a bloody time!! I think THAT is what pissed me off the most!
The firs piece of sunshine I had seen ALL day!! I was driving when I took this - can ya tell? hehe

I met Pete in Mackay and he led for the rest of the trip (another 2 hours from Mackay). We got to the van park just after 5pm and immediately started setting up camp.......picture it being nearly dark and the skies threatening to dump a load on us any time soon and swearing adults and kids running frantically to avoid the wrath of their parents and you will get the picture! All good, though - we got basic camp set up with the aid of the car headlights and decided to set up the rest of the camp the next day.....THEN the skies decided to dump its load on us!

Tuesday was not much better - very overcast and spitting all day...not very much fun for the kids....or me, for that matter!! Because Pete decided to do ALL his work that day so that he could have a couple of days off and have a little holiday! Picture (again) bored kids, looking for something to do and by lunch time bored out of their tiny minds, babies trying to sleep and Mum trying not to pull her hair out, because there have just been WAY too many fights for her liking!! They soon got the hint that Mummy had had enough and went and played footy - with J-Man's shoe of all things!! LMAO!! Then it was 'Brandy' with the shoe and, somehow, they roped me into the game!! Thanks goodness people decided they had had enough of the sad weather and went home on Monday, otherwise we wouldnt have had that space to play in!

Wednesday was an excellent day!! We had brekky (like you do first up in the morning) and then headed into Airlie itself and drove around the new estate with $1mill views and looked at (and drooled over) some of the houses there! Pete did a site investigation on one of the blocks. Since it was cleared and there was brilliant views, I asked him to stop so I could take some photos. Here they are!

To the left of the block:

From the middle of the block:

To the right of the block:

I actually went a little shutter happy that day. hehe. After we went for the little 'Tiki tour' we headed on down to a park, where the kids played for just over an hour. I got plenty of shots of them playing, but when I wanted them all to come together, do ya think I could get ONE where they were looking at the camera - altogether - and SMILING??? Just minutes before this one was taken, they were all jumping to get in shots!! Anyway, this is the best I could do at the time!

On a crafty note: I got started on two crochet projects while I was up there! I actually finished one part of one - I have signed up to be a part of the latest SWAP over at Crafty Mamas - a pincushion swap! I just have to find out who my partner will be and then I will decide on what colour the rest of it will be! The second project was a boys beanie (finally). I decided to take up just small projects, since sitting down and working out what I was up to and where I had to go from there just didnt appeal to me at all! My big project (my shirt) I left at home hoping that the finishing fairies would finish it for me, but they must not have found the time to visit my place, coz it was the same as I left it! Looks like I will just have to get in and do it myself now, hey? ;(
But I havent been idle!! As you can guess, I have been kept relatively busy with my hoard, but it hasnt been just the everyday things that have kept me from blogging!

First off, there is my sciatica, which prevents me from sitting down for long periods of time at the computer, in front of the TV or just anywhere in particular! I have not been able to sew (sorry Tracy no update on that quilt just yet!) or do much at all except read a good book or two, because crocheting with my hands in the air while I am lying on my back tends to make the blood rush from my hands and make my arms ache just a little.

Yes, I have picked up my hooks, again. Winter tends to have that affect on me. This time making a very easy beanie pattern I found in the May, 08 issue of "Get Creative" magazine. I have made about 5 so far and plan on making some more. No real need for the kids to wear beanies in Central Queensland, but they are a good fashion accessory, anyway! Here is Mickey posing for me:


I have also made up a poncho from a pattern from the same magazine for one of Weez's friends who had a birthday party last weekend. It turned out ok.....except the beanie was a little too small for her head! No matter - I took it home and added some more rows to it and it turned out fine. Here is Weez modeling it for me:


Mickey fell sick on Thursday night. A lovely vomiting bug that he has decided to share with his brothers! Nothing like sharing and I am glad they are learning that, but they have to learn that some things are just NOT good to share, hey? Bubba fell sick this morning and I dont think little Will is altogether good, either. He has slept most of today! But he has managed to keep his bottles down, so that is good.....just grumpy as anything when awake and refusing to play the game of "nice little baby don't scream in Mummy's ear". But.....we will persevere. Besides - what doesnt kill them only makes them stronger, hey?

I cant believe that tomorrow will mark 12 weeks since I gave birth to him!! I am trying not to blink, but the time is just flying by and he is getting bigger and bigger every day! He was smiling at 4 weeks, but it took Aunty JuJu to come over and get him to smile for long enough for me to take a bloody photo! Here it is:

Took me 4 weeks to get that darn photo, but its worth it hey?

In other news - my car conked out the other week! All I wanted was another week so that Pete could get my bus in order and I could run that one around! But, since it decided to play a game of its own, I have been stuck without a car for the last couple of weeks. Just lucky that Dad is on long service leave, coz I have had to call on him a couple of times to do the school run on some rainy mornings!! Other mornings have involved the kids walking to school or juggling cars (all utes) and doing several trips.

Favourite photo of this week is:

Say "Smile!" around this house at the moment and this is the response ya get from the boys!!
I have decided to lift my ban on all things crafty a little, since I have mostly caught up on my studies!!

So what am I going to make? My first EVER quilt!! It will be for Will when he finally gets big enough to lay on the floor and have a little play.

I bought some little precut fabric squares from an op shop a little while ago. They are 3" x 3", so just perfect for what I want them for! They are all different sorts of fabric - thick, thin, cotton, polyester, even denim - but that will add to the charm, I am hoping! The backing and border will be some cord or a heavy material from my stash....since it will get a lot of use.

I took out the pieces last night, sorted through them and took out the boy colours. Then I put them into groups of 4 to make up larger squares to put together.

If things go well, I will be making 2! One for the floor and one for the cupboard! Will keep you all updated here!
I HATE being sick!! And the last few days have just reaffirmed my position on that stand. I PLANNED to get a whole heap of study done, but that flew out the window Sunday afternoon, when it was really apparent that I was sick with something and not just suffering from a hangover (which I would be blowed to put a cause to, since I havent touched a drop of alcohol in nearly 4 weeks!!).

Sunday I got out of bed at my usual time, but was back in bed feeding Will at about 7. I woke around 9 feeling a lot better, but not totally. I pushed through til lunch, but went to bed as soon as the younger ones went, themselves.....not to resurface at ALL!! My throat was KILLING me and I couldnt swallow properly; my head was aching like it was about to explode; and my whole body was aching, so I just wanted to lie there, sleep through it all....tempting death from starvation, if it came to it! Come midnight, though, I was up and taking some pain killers...finally!

Monday was a public holiday, so there were no chemists open or doctors and that meant relying on what we had at hand here or what we could get from the local corner store. It was a terrible day, which involved me sleeping lots and the kids and Pete screaming at each other - mainly because, I think, he cant handle ALL (yes, we had J-Man and Corky last weekend) by himself!! Oh! We also had Pete's nephew (a troubled 15 year old), so there was someone else to add to the mix! They all survived....all in one piece by the end of the day, so that was good!

Tuesday, shops, doctors and schools were open, so off we went for the morning drop off run and I headed to the doctors! Turned out I had TONSILLITIS!! I spose I still have it, but she gave me some really good antibiotics that have kicked the sucker in the ass and showed it on its merry way! Just cant drink with them, though....had myself a small Bundy Rum the other night (as sort of a celebration drink) and felt the effects only 1/2 way through it! Next time I will put on my thinking cap and have a caffeinated coffee or something!

Yesterday was a great day! I got most of the study done that I wanted to get done on the weekend, surfed the internet a little for some things and just generally spent time to myself! It is great to do that, when you arent sick! I had the boys at home today, but tomorrow I will be in town, spending some money at the new Lincraft store!! Well, for some of the day, anyway!!

Photo of the day!!

This was taken with my phone camera, so the quality isnt too great, but it looks fantastic as my wallpaper on my phone!! Gives me a little chuckle every time I look at it! Mickey is such a little dork!
First and foremost, I would like to say that computers are complete pains in the arse!! I have had nothing but trouble from mine over the last week or so! Of course, it is never my fault and all Pete's!! LOL.

With that out of the way, I can get onto the week we had!

Weez had the fortune to take part in her Aunties wedding on Saturday. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her little flowergirl dress! It was all a little overwhelming for her, though and she dawdled a little down the 'aisle', but she did her job well and made her family proud.

The wedding was held at the local park by the seaside. It was in a lovely little grove of trees and there werent too many gawkers that were a problem....thank goodness!! Where the ceremony was, is right near a playground and kids are usually running through there. There were a heap of kids there before the ceremony, but the parents pulled them away when Ange arrived....good on them!

The rest of our week was pretty quiet! The older two decided they wanted to sign up for Junior Touch, so I signed them up last week. Their first game was on Wednesday, but I didnt get to watch it, as I ran around and picked up kids from daycare and did a few other things after dropping them off. They are in the same team so that will make things easy for us! No training days, either, I dont really easy! Just gonna be a little cold when winter sets its claws in, but we will cope!

Pete was home all week! He went away for a day on Tuesday to Thangool for a job, but that was it! I was quite surprised.

Not much happening on the crafting front! Although, I have been going over to Crafty Mamas and checking things out there. Pete and I took a trip into town on Monday and checked out the new Lincraft shop and went to an op shop. We found Corky a sewing machine in at the op shop for just $30! It looks relatively new, too, so we are going to check it out this weekend and see how she goes. So....each of us has a machine! There will be no fighting or bitching and whinging about having to wait to use one!

Favourite photo of the week:

Bubba truly loves his little brother!!
I didnt even realise it! I have caught up with all my posts I have been meaning to do!! LMAO!!

So what has been happening over the last couple of days, besides me catching up on things here? Well, not much really! Ever heard of "Facebook"? I hadnt heard of it before we went up to Mackay and my Aunty was spoofin that she had an account! I made myself an account on Friday and I am officially hooked!! It is such a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. I have found old school friends on there that I havent seen since, well....since we left school, really! Next year will mark 15 years since we were in High School and I am truly hoping that we can organise a get together of some sort! Would be great to actually catch up in RL with everyone.

Little Will started smiling on Monday! Well.....not actually smiling, smiling, but he is starting to turn up the corners of his mouth a little and his face is starting to get that excited look to it - that little extra sparkle in his eyes and everything. I cant believe that it has been 4 weeks already!! Pete cant, either. He has been away for most of his life, to date, but I dont think he is missing out on much - Will is just a little eating, pooing, sleeping machine, at the moment. Therefore I dont think he is missing him as much as the other boys. he can interact with them a little more. He is also showing a little more annoyance when Will cries. He says it is because I am the one feeding him and he cant, at the moment, so the crying and waking up at nights is getting to him. And, yes, the breast feeding is going well. I am just sooo happy (and hungry nearly all the time)! Fingers crossed that it will continue!

I got my results from my Language assessment today - a D....for Distinction!! I cant believe it!! completely blew THAT one in!! I know they arent going to get any easier, so I had better get my finger out and get on top of things, hey? The other two assessment pieces I passed on, happy days!!
(Nearly caught up!!)

This week was a little slower, but still hectic! With the kids back at school, I thought that I would have a great chance at getting more and more study done - not to be!! This week was supposed to be our mid term break, anyhow, so I shouldnt be too worried, hey? PAH!! It seemed that every time I sat down to do a little bit of study, Pete wanted me to do something (and, as usual, he is away on a job out West in Whoop-Whoop, so I cant tell him to do it his bloody self!) - usually resizing photos of jobs that he has done and sending them off by e-mail!

It's not the resizing that is bothering me - I have sat down with the technologically deficient bloke and he just wont take in how to set his camera to the proper settings! It is not, after all, his fault that the batteries fall out all the bloody time and the camera needs to be reset after this happens! It is the amount of photos! It takes up a whole chunk of time to resize nearly 100 photos! THEN to e-mail them off, they have to go one at a time, because everything goes haywire if I try to do more than one!! So, there is more time taken up! Soooo frustrating!!

Anyway......the kids are back at school and Weez couldnt be happier!! She was really lost last week! She kept asking if she was going back to school and I kept reassuring her that she would this week, but she just didnt believe me til Tuesday morning (Monday was a student free day). The look on her face that morning when she was told to get dressed in her uniform was just priceless! She also ate her brekky in record time!

Saturday, my cousin got married and we went to her wedding. It was a lovely church wedding, although I have now worked out that Pete cant watch his darn mouth - no matter WHERE he is! He has the foulest mouth at the best of times and he was in fine form before the ceremony! It was actually embarrassing to be with him!

The whole thing must have cost a fortune, though! Not surprising to me - my Aunty is good at organising big shebangs. The reception included a delicious 2 course meal, for 17 tables (not including the bridal table), with a max 10 people at each table = expensive for a starters!! Not to mention the wine bottle toppers us ladies got (stainless steel numbers with a rubber stopper) and the 50ml bottle of port for the men! There were 5 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and their gifts were chrystal wine glasses and beer mugs - expensive little suckers, those!!

Little Will was just the perfect guest all night - he slept in his basket! He was also the warmest in the room, due to my putting a blanket over the top of the basket to prevent the cold air con from going in there! I opened it up, once and, I tell ya, he was lucky there wasnt enough room for me in there!! All I had on was a spaghetti strap top and a skirt (undies and bra as well, FYI) and it was warmer outside than it was inside!!

Hmm....just reading this all back and it seems that I was a little pissed with Pete last week! LOL He has been just the cranky little MF lately! I think all this going away is getting to him! I know that it is getting to me.
What a week!! monday and Tuesday were pretty cruisey - things went pretty much according to plan. Wednesday was a shocker! I thought that, since Tash is here, I would get her to look after the kids while I go and drop Corky and J-Man home and get my hair cut. As soon as I dropped off the little ones at daycare, the proverbial hit the fan!!

I had a visit from a police man to ask some questions about that Landy that Pete bought that ended up stolen (finally!! It's been, like, 2 friggin months!). My good mate dropped in while he was here, but I didnt get to spend much time with her, because Mr Policeman stayed a long time, himself! Well, at least she got the best of my hospitality - a cup of coffee that I accidently made wrong - 2 sugars, instead of one, white instead of black........had a lot going on and was making about 7 cups of tea AND coffee, holding conversation, sorting out Moo's problem and keeping an eye on the bloody time! Not good for concentrating!!

I only JUST got all 3 assessment pieces in on time!! I got my Maths and Computing pieces over and done with quickly - they were pretty easy. My Language piece was a different matter! I honestly thought I had another week to complete it, but found out on Wednesday that it was actually due on Friday!! Lots of swear words and lots of polishing and lots of hours later, though, it was complete and I printed it off and sent it Friday.....just have to wait for the results, now - that could take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks after we come back from mid-term break!

This weekend saw us up in Mackay for my Aunty's 50th, though - perfect after the week that I have just had!! I shared the cost of hiring a car with Cam and Jules and we headed off on Saturday morning. It was a pretty breezey ride up, though long!! I really should have taken more food with us!! I spent a fortune on food and drinks at roadhouses!! We only had Lenny, Moo, Bubba, Mickey and Will with us!

Pete was waiting at the Motel when we got up there (not one that would go into my own little travel book, mind you - it was quite a terrible place - but the only thing that I could find last weekend!). He travelled from Airlee down and WAS to head out to Longreach Sunday, but cancelled that, because they DID work his butt off!

It was a lovely night and my Aunty got a lovely surprise. She knew that there was going to be a few people there, but didnt quite know how many or who - certainly not me and my little tribe of kids! Brekky the next morning at their place was just lovely, too.....expect nothing less from Uncle Kel! He is a brilliant cook at the barbie and his brekkies are just THE best after a night out!

Our trip back was a little bad. Mickey decided to play up a little between Mackay and Sarina! Quite put poor ole Cam and Jules off having kids, unfortunately!! Seems we have that sort of affect on people, I am afraid! LMAO! Oh well......ya get that!! Pete took Bubba in the car from Yaamba, thinking that he would be good company for him - HA!! He slept all the way home!! hE Should have taken Mickey - he was talking and being really loud from there til about 1/2 way between Rocky and home!! Thank goodness he had a sleep, though...he would have been really ratty that night, if he didnt!
Change of plans!! Seems Pete will be away for the whole week up in Airlee Beach!! The lucky bugger will be staying at Club Croc......just wont get time to enjoy it, I reckon - they will have him working off his feet, the poor bugger!

Tash arrived today and gave the kids a big surprise! So glad she is here! Tea time tonight was a little hectic. I picked up the little ones a little late, due to her arrival and they were a little ratty come that time. Big oopsies!

My Aunt and Uncle have decided to stay across the road until they go home....good and bad! We also have some boarders living there, at the moment, because they needed a place to stay! 7 people in one 3 bedroom house that dont normally live together, is just a little wierd for me!!

A full week planned ahead! Beach tomorrow, Skate park Thursday and whatever else we can fit in, in between! Tash is going home on Friday, so she wants to do as much as possible with the kids before she leaves!

Sciatica is still here! I am unable to sit down for long periods (as I have said before), which means that I am unable to sit down and do any of my STEPS stuff! AND I have 3 (yes - 3) assessment items due on Friday! Why, oh why, am I not on holidays, like the kids? I spose I will have to get used to that, hey?
Well, this is Will's due date (according to the doctors!). How he has proven us ALL wrong!! LMAO. Just goes to show that a baby will come when he/she WANTS to come! I thought I took some photos of us this week, but cant seem to find them, now!! Oh me - he has not grown too much for anyone to tell!

Pete is due to take off on Monday to do some drilling jobs for his Uncle out west! So, the kids and I will be spending a couple of days to ourselves - YIPPEE!! This means that he will be away for some of the holidays and we will have Corky and J-Man for some of that, so we will see how things pan out for us! I might get left home with 8 kids all to myself! Wont THAT be fun? LOL. Luckily, my ex-SIL is planning on surprising the kids with a small trip up here, so she will be here to help me out!

My Uncle Steve (my Dad's youngest brother) and his missus and kids have made their way up, today! They are staying across the road at Dad's this weekend and then looking at heading into town for the next couple of days and staying at Nana's place. The only problem is that Uncle Steve suffers from bouts of asthma and Nana's house is close to QAL and gets all the dust and stuff and it aggravates it! Hope he doesnt have any problems on this trip!
Well a week has come and gone and little Will is basically in his own little routine! Just fantastic! I cant believe how well we have all adapted to each other and how he has fitted his own little self into 'us'! Of course, I am not counting on him staying in this routine....give him a couple of months and it will change! Here are some photos of the kids with him at the hospital.

Not much done, this week....not even housework! Oh, well, you get that, hey? Problem sciatica has returned and I am unable to sit for long periods of time....and stand, for that matter! But, I expect it to go when my hormones settle down, again, just like last time (when I was preggers with Dominic). It is just a PITA, though! Quite literally, but more than that! Sitting on the toilet is even a bother! Gives me a good excuse to go lay down, though, coz that is just about the only way for me to 'reset' it!

My favourite photo of the week!

We are doing well with the breast feeding this time round, too! I am enjoying my full boobs, too! LMAO!! Not the saggy, baggy ones that I have had for soooo darn long! I just hope that I can continue breast feeding him as I am really enjoying it this time round. I feel such a bond with him.....not that I didnt feel it with any of the other kids, but this one is different....probably because he is my last and I have vowed to enjoy him as much as I can! Little piggy, though!! He makes such a racket when he is feeding! Must remember to record it on my phone one is just soooo cute! Great for his 21st....hehe.
Front page news!!!

My little man is only just 24 hours old and he is front page news!! He was one of 11 born over the Easter weekend and this photo was splashed over the front page. He is the little one on the right....bright eyed and bushy tailed at just 7 hours old!!

PLUS I opened my big fat mouth (I blame it on the fact that I was dead tired) and told them that he was born in the back of an there was also a HUGE picture and a little write up of us on page 4!! Nice picture, but I didnt think that it would be so large - it took up over 1/4 of the page!
He has arrived!! Little William David Crane endeavoured to make his way into the world early this morning in the back of an ambulance! Yes, I knew I was in labour (about 9pm last night) and I knew that I should be careful, what with my troubles that I had a couple of weeks ago. But, I didnt think things would progress quite as they would, obviously!

Look how tiny he was, compared to Petes hand!!

Birth STATS:
Weight: 3030gms (6lb 11oz)
Length: 48cm
Head Circ: 34cm
5 fingers, 5 toes, plumbing attached and all in good working order!

As I said, about 9pm last night I knew I was in labour, but contractions were sporadic and there wasnt any real routine about them, so I headed for bed about 11:30 after informing Dad that he would probably be needed sometime in the wee hours of the morning and he headed off across the road to bed, himself. About 2:30am I woke with a seering pain and knew that it was time to head off. Pete rushed off and told Dad and I went to the toilet.....where all the troubles began. I was having another bleed and it was not stopping this time! With each contraction, there was more, so an ambulance was called.

After what seemed an eternity, they showed up and I was on the verge of hysterics.....thank goodness Dad was there, because he put his arm around me and spoke to me in that fatherly voice of his and I soon settled down! Down to the ambulance we headed and into town. Just 3 minutes from the hospital, William decided to make his way into the world and there was no stopping him at all! It scared the shit out of not just me, but the ambulance officer as well! She did really well, though and spoke me through it all and he was delivered safe and sound.....her second delivery since being an ambo!

Pete rushed into town in my car and packed it a little when he arrived at the emergency entrance......the ambulance was there, but we werent in it! Mainly because he reckons it looked like a meat wagon (his words, not mine - my waters had not broken....they broke when he arrived and there was just a little mess in the back - stupid little beds they have in there!)The nurse had to calm him down after letting him in, because he nearly knocked the doors down trying to enter! The look on his face when he entered the room was just priceless!
That's right, I have not gone entirely insane with all these kids and they have not sent me to the funny farm.......just yet! Things have been really hectic here over the last couple of weeks and finding a routine in amongst it all has proven to be just a little out of my reach. Hence, my internet time has been cut away almost entirely and I have not been able to visit the places I love to visit!

I have decided to do a little catch up over the next couple of days with back dating some posts, so keep your eyes peeled for what we have been up to! Honestly, I have been spending a little time on Word and making up some posts when I can, so I can copy and paste them when I get a chance. So plenty of photos to be uploaded and posts to be posted!

Not much crafting going on here, though! I hope to change that over the coming weeks. The boys need new winter jammies and Moo has just shown me her dull wardrobe, so making her a few things will also be on my list of things to do! Corky is about the same size as Moo, now (except for around the butt), so the things that I make Moo will also fit her....if not now, then a few months down the track! Lenny is quite liking the idea of new clothes made by Mummy, too, so he has his order in for a few things, too!
I have been waiting for it! I knew that sitting in the dark, just looking out at the world, hoping that someone wouldnt tag me wouldnt work! LOL.

Thanks, again, Peta!

7 wierd and wonderful things about me!

Firstly, here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Well, you asked for it! Here goes!

1. I am a terrible hoarder....of ALL things! Every time we move, we have a clean out, but the stuff just keeps accumulating and becoming a mountain every time (even if the last move was just 6 months ago).

2. Op shopping is my favourite past time. If I go into town, I just HAVE to visit just one....or I get very cranky! It takes a lot for me to hold off going into one......I know I have to rotate between the ones in town, because I will visit one so often that I will basically strip it of interesting things within a couple of weeks and end up leaving with an empty feeling.....just lucky there are quite a few in town, hey?

3. Swimming in the sea doesnt truly appeal to me, either! Like Peta, I cant STAND not seeing what is beneath my feet. The thought of being pummeled by the waves is not too appealing, either. I prefer to sit and watch the kids and stand in the shallows with the little ones....much safer!

4. I am one for picking things up, craft wise, and running with them and not letting go of them. I have many stashes - from wool, to material, to soap making stuff - that are just sitting there, waiting for me to do things with them and use them up!

5. I love piles of things - from magazines, to clothing that needs to be mended or altered or thrown, to just general messes.

6. If my desk is tidy, I feel out of place!!

7. I hate exercise (particularly running)! I am a very sporty-type person and love actually playing a game of hockey or two, but the thought of actually going to training and getting my fitness up, turns me off! I would rather ride a bike or go on my elliptical machine...but only when no one is looking or I really HAVE to!

Ok, so there they are!! I am not going to tag anyone, because the blogs I visit regularly have been tagged before. I could be nasty, but that is just not me..hehe...not today, anyway! If you happen to read this and you havent been tagged before and reckon you could have a go at it, then feel free to leave a comment and I will go and check out your blog and answers!

Well....there it is! I got the guts up on the weekend, pulled my shirt up and got Pete to take some photos! Yep - I am carrying low and there IS a lot of pressure down there, but bub has not put his little head into position, yet!

All is going well.....CTG results all good and no more 'shows'. The trips into town to go onto the monitor are what is killing me! I really like most of the staff up there, but the place is just sooooo depressing, at times....typical of hospitals, though, hey?
Had a pretty terrible day, yesterday! I spent more time than I wanted to up at the hospital, which meant that Pete had the boys for a little longer than expected at his job site. He got all his work done, but wasnt happy when I finally arrived to pick them up to go home....too bad, too sad, I say!

The boys slept on the way home (about a full 10 minutes, I reckon!) and then wouldnt go down after that! None of my threats worked and I fought with them for about an hour before I finally gave up and headed outside for a 5 minute break.....only to have Pete come home for a little while and he found the air con front panel completely broken off and the boys room in a total shambles!! Bubbas bed was upside down, literally (the mattress, not the bunk bed) and he had pulled out ALL his clothes from the cupboard!!

So, Pete talks to them and they head back to bed....not to go to sleep, mind you, because I knew they wouldnt!

Next thing I know, they are headed outside on a little mission of their own (known only to them, of course!). I went out to see what they were up to and there is Bubba with a pair of scissors! He was cutting into the back of Mickey's hair. A big chunk was taken out of the crown! I cried, I tell ya! I wasnt happy at all! The poor little man needed a little hair cut, but not THAT much!!

Needless to say, I had to clip it with a no. 4 on top and no. 3 on the sides.....Not what I wanted to do, originally, but what I had to do to blend it all in good and not look dicky.

The worst thing? Bubba then wanted HIS hair cut the same!! There were no 2 ways about it - he wanted it done, by hook or by crook! I bawled, again!! Not while I was doing it, but when I was trying to pick just one lock of hair from the pile to keep! I kept the lot......and there WAS a lot!!

Here are some before and after shots:

Yep - a rats tail! It was wet then, but dry it still has a little curl on the end!

Check it all out!! Cost - under $20 for the lot!! I honestly thought the patterns would be around 50c each! They were only 20c each! BARGAIN!!

These are from 2 op shops last Monday. The patterns are, for the most part, untouched! All but one of them have ALL the pattern pieces in them (either uncut or cut). Shouldnt be too hard to take patterns off the ones that have been cut smaller or bigger and make patterns to suit me, I am sure!

The top pickie shows some fabric down the bottem that is satin. I havent even TRIED sewing on this material, yet, but will venture down that path in the following months with this lot, I think!

He loves them!! I think the photo says it all!! The fabric is just a remnant I bought from Big W a little while ago and he has nearly worn the butt out of them (they get washed and he wears them straight away, again). I took the pattern from an old pair of shorts that fit him and sewed them up in just a couple of hours! Simple dimple and great, because there is no real front and back to them - perfect for him and his toilet training (no worries about putting them on back-to-front!).
For those of you who follow my blog I am truly sorry for my slackness in February!! Short month and a lot has gone on, but it truly is no excuse to keep you all up to date on what is happening here!!

We are all fine, but I have been having a few problems over the last week or so. It seems this baby will be the straw that breaks this little camels back! I have had enough! With just 4 weeks to go, I feel fat (though I dont look it, I know) and frumpy most days! Expected, I know, but just a little annoying!! Bub is sitting really low and has been making me feel really uncomfortable!

ETA - I just realised that I have not written much about this pregnancy here!

I have also been in and out of hospital for the last week or so with some shows. Freaked me out the first day (last Wednesday)! It wasnt just the show that freaked me, it was the amount of it! I jinxed myself, I think........"I havent had any problems in all my other pregnancies, except sciatica with Mickey, so this one should be a breeze, too!" PAH!! I was expecting the sciatica to come back, but that hasnt...touch wood! Just OTHER things are worrying me (and the doctors)!

I spent Wednesday night up in for observation, Saturday morning until lunch time and Sunday evening for a couple of hours. They asked me to come back in Monday for observation, again and a scan and they kept me in overnight, again! Scan showed nothing conclusive and it just happens to be 'one of those unexplainable things'.....yeh.....great bloody help! So taking it easy and relaxing and all that is prescribed - yeh right....with 5 kids in this house.....I DONT THINK SO!! LMAO

Bubby is ok - heart rate fine and moving just as much as ever (doesnt mean anything with the movements slowing when it comes to labour, because Mickey was moving the whole time!). I was having Braxton Hicks on Wednesday (machine was going ape!), but they have settled down real well and I hardly have any anymore. This is probably the only pregnancy that I have noticed them, because I HAVE to! Any slight tightening and my mind is turned towards them! My cervix is closed, so he may not come for any time soon.....I hope! I mean, I would be comfortable, at the moment, because MY dates are different to theirs, but if he does decide to come early, then the docs and midwives wont be so accommodating, I reckon! They might try to put it off! LOL.

Alright!! Enough about me!! I will actually go in and add another post about the stuff we have been up to in February!
No pics today, sorry!! Just a quick catch up on things that have been happenin around here.

Where do I start? Well, Weez is doing well in Prep. She is sooo excited every morning to get up and get going! With this being her first full week, she was feeling the strain a little this morning, though! I suspect tonight will be an early night for her! She had her first trip to the library to borrow books, yesterday, and came home with 'Helpful Betty' (I think). It is all about a hippo that likes to help out her friends, but ends up being a little too helpful, IYKWIM......great topic for her, at the moment, because she is trying to 'help' Mickey all the time, but he is refusing and there ends up being a fight and something wrecked!

Moo is doing well at keeping up with her at school and checking up on her in the lunch hours. They even took a little trip down to the library and bought some books (50c each and the money goes back to the school, of course!). Moo is also enjoying being able to ride to and from school without her big brother hassling her to hurry up! LOL.

Lenny is settling into the high school routine very well. I must sit down with him and organise his books a little, though, because he gets them mixed up and writes in the wrong ones! Good homework, though - re-writing the stuff into his proper books! LOL. I think a lever arch folder will be a good investment at this time! I was advised that he may not want one, so didnt buy one! Shouldda listened to my instincts on that one!

The boys and I are enjoying our extra time together! Tuesday saw us over at a friend's place for the morning.......she has a little boy, just 4 weeks older than Mickey, so it was an excellent morning and not too many fights, either! Bubba declared when we got home that we should do it again! It is just a pity that the weather has been a little too 'blech' to do much more!

This morning found us at the doctor's for Mickey's chicken pox needle (and two repeats, because there was a 'problem with the fridge for the last batches of needles'!). Poor Vegemite just doesnt like needles.....or having his ears, throat and temp checked! He really worked himself up a right treat! All good, though, he dove into the lolly jar and picked himself out THE biggest snake and another and soon devoured them! Good thing Pete was there, belly is just too big to be able to hold him properly! Strong little bugger was nearly too much for Daddy! LOL.

Weather wise, things have been pretty dismal! It stormed on Sunday night (like, really loud, wake-you-up storming) and that rain continued for most of Monday.....I got drenched taking the kids to school and daycare! Tuesday was hot and muggy and just darn uncomfortable!! Yesterday was a pretty mild day, with a few showers about. Still hot and muggy, though!! Today is a stinker!! Much like Monday, but worse, I reckon!! The sun is really bitey - feels like it is actually eating your sking, when you are out there for even just a few seconds! So, I think this afternoon will be a quick trip to the library after school...just until the sun goes down and the front yard is covered in the nice (?) shade! Ihave been meaning to go and get myself a library card, anyhow, so just might be a great opportunity for that, hey?
The theme for the January SWAP over at Crafty Mamas was Vintage. I must say, I had a BALL making my gift for my SWAP partner! And it looks as though Lissy had a ball making hers, too! I got her little package on Friday and the kids helped me open it and 'Oooooo'ed and 'Aaaaaahhh'ed over it all. Check it out!

We have a pillowcase under it all, a covered notebook (she even glued the inside front OVER the fabric!), cushion cover with lace panel on the front and a ribbon in the corner, a felt flower pin cushion, a 'Simplicity Rugs + Stitches' pattern (mostly uncut), a felt scissor holder and a card! LURVE 'em!! Thanks Lissy!!

She has been growing her own loofah plants, too and sent me some pieces PLUS some seeds!! Isnt she just GREAT??
YES!!! The kids are off to school today!! Well, not all that good, considering that Lenny starts High School and Weez starts Prep!

Here they are this morning.....ready and raring to go!!

We got to the school a little later than I would have liked! Only just had enough time to put most of her stuff away before the bell rang and it was time to leave! Weez was a little apprehensive to start off with, but soon put a smile on her face and relaxed a little when her friend came up and said hello to her! I thought there would be tears from her up until then!

And here is Weez at school - she has found a friend already!! Looks as though they are comparing shoes! They had already compared skorts!

Happy as Larry, now!

Come on 2:45pm!! I cant wait, already, to go and pick her up and see how her day went!!
6 weeks is a long time to have holidays! For parents AND kids! ALL the kids were at each other's throats during the last week! I dont really blame them, though.....usually they have school and everything like that to keep them apart, but on the holidays, they are basically in each other's faces all the blinkin time!!

We had a nice break, though - Lenny and Moo's G'parents and their Uncle and Aunty came up for a little visit! We had an excellent weekend catching up and just spending time with them! Originally, we were going to put up the camper out the back and have them stay in that, but Cam and Jules have bought a house of their own, so they have moved out of Dad's place, so they stayed there.

They arrived Friday night, said a quick hello and then headed off to bed - dont really blame them, though.....the trip from Ipswich to here hasnt changed much over the years and can be really tiring and boring to the max!

Saturday found us basically lazing around the house, chatting and catching up. We headed to the beach in the afternoon, where the kids had HEAPS of fun! Here are some shots of them:

Just a FEW kids! When we were leaving, there were a couple more, but not ours. I think the parent got a shock when I yelled out that we were leaving and any kids that were with us to come NOW!! LOL.....Quite deserted after that!

AH!! Stuck in the mud!! Its a wonder they didnt run into any Pippy's!

Sea water can be sooooo sticky - especially on a long walk home!
Sorry I didnt get back to this the other day! I was too busy running around like a blue-arsed fly! Being Monday, I had HEAPS to do and not much time to do it in! new car is here. It is new for me, anyway! It is an old Maxi Taxi (Toyota HiAce) that Pete found advertised in the local rag for a sweet little bargain.........he reckons! Meanwhile, a Taxi is BOUND to have done heaps of k's and the motor should be just about f'ed, I reckon.....but he will see when he pulls it all down and has a proper look at it. He pulled most of the head off it the day that he got it and there is sludge just about all through the top! Yeh.....we will see just how good this thing is!! LOL.

Problem is? This is a long wheel based car! There is NO bonnet in front of me when I drive (yep...have gotten too used to the big, bulky hood of the Landy out in front!). AND the kids will be sitting directly behind me!! Yep - the good old Maxi Taxi with the front seat of the back facing the wrong way! Just GREAT!! I can see it now....driving along and the kids are all playing loudly in the back and I pull over for a break and walk into the bush......not for the toilet or anything, but to try and get away from the racket!! LOL. And that is just for a trip into town (20 minutes away)!!! Imagine me on a long trip, say, just up to Rocky (bout 1 1/2hrs away) or somewhere!! LOOPY LOOPY LOOPY!!!!

Just to clarify - yes, there is a lot of noise in the car from the kids in the Landy, but not nearly as loud as what would be in the HiAce! The Landy gives off a lot of engine noise and there is no air con, so the windows have to be wound down......bliss!! I can sit beside Pete for a long time and not have him talk to me, coz he would have to yell! No...seriously...he would have to YELL!! old Land Rover County is going to be sold! Such a lovely car and I feel all powerful in it, because of it's height and the pure square, bulky, boofness of it. Will just have to get used to everything being on the 'proper' side now - ignition, indicators & wiper controls, etc. Being of European design, they put things back to front on their cars! Back to front to what us Aussies are used to, anyways!

I must say, driving a Landy has been a real experience, though! Pete has gotten to know yet another car and how it works, but there seems to immediately be a friendship with other Landy owner/drivers! I will be driving along and they will automatically wave to me! Just a flick of the finger off the steering wheel most of the time, but a wave and friendly all the same! I found myself doing the same....once I worked out the difference between a Landy and a Cruiser (Toyota Land Cruiser)! LOL. Yes, they are very much the same in size and only a little the same by shape, but when I dont have my reading glasses on, they all look the bloody same to the untrained eye!! LMAO!! That is MY excuse and I am sticking to it!!
I was stuck for most of the week doing the books for Pete!! Moo helped me out a bit (payment, bribery and threats involved, there...hehe), so it made the job a little bit less monotonous....but BORING to the max, all the same!! Sitting on my butt doing bookwork all day is NOT my idea of fun at all!! Especially when your husband is working off paper and you are working off the computer and they dont match up and you have to wait until HE is ready to talk about it all and work things out with you!!

So, my evenings have been spent doing whatever I can without a sewing machine and making as little mess as possible in the lounge! Friday, however, I DID manage to make a trip to the local curtain/sewing shop that is closing down and get the following bargains:

A roll of quilting batting (about 2m I think) for $2.50/m

The habby items were just $1 each! Couldnt go past THEM!! That fabric was just $5/m (I think). It is a dark marron/wine colour and is just GORGEOUS! I got another piece of curtain remnant for just $ is just PERFECT for a bag!

Sorry the quality of the photos are a little off, but I had to take them with my phone! Lucky Pete doesnt come here and visit!! He doesnt know that I went there and bought these...hehe.

Yesterday was a more productive day for sewing.....when my bloody machine was working!! I had to pull it apart and try and fix the bobbin winder (cam completely out). I found the little missing piece, then promptly lost it, again! LOL.....bloody Murphy! I swear I am gonna KILL him when I find him!! THEN I didnt put it back together properly, so I had to take it apart, again!! Bloody MURPHY!!!

But......I got in and did a few UFO's (unfinished objects) and actually completed them, so I am happy! I also started on a bag that has been sitting in my UFO drawer, cut out for AGES, so I am REALLY happy! Here they are, here:

These are just some tissue holders like the ones Moo made. They are made out of upholstery fabric samples I got off eBay recently and have turned out quite well! I still have a fair bit of these samples left, so goodness knows WHAT I am going to do with them!! LOL. Not to mention the curtain fabric sample books I got from the same sewing/curtain shop a fortnight ago!!

I also got in and completed my project for the latest SWAP over at CM (vintage theme)! So a really productive day all round (no photos of that, just yet, coz she hasnt got it)! Amazingly enough, I was able to sew with the little ones around.......mainly because Pete was here with a new car for me and he was pulling it apart, ready to fix it all up! I will post more about that tomorrow, I think!
I am just sooo proud of my girl!! Moo has taken to the sewing bug well and is producing some wonderful things! Here is a photo of just some of what she has been able to do:

They are pincushions and tissue covers found from simple tutes on the net. She has actually done a whole heap more (sort of working in a congo line fashion), but these are the main colours that she has chosen from my 'little pieces' pile.

She is currently in the middle of an apron, but is unable to finish it, because she has abused her rights on the sewing machine and is grounded from it! Hmm....maybe I should do that to myself - ground myself from the puter, because I neglect the things I should be doing to sit on here! hehe.

Nothing completed by me, I am afraid! Both machines were taken up by these projects last week. Plenty cut out and ready to go, though! Must get into that list on the right, methinx!
Just thought I had better come in here and catch up with the last couple of weeks! No....I havent been forgetting to post things - just been too busy!! With school holidays well under way and Pete doing minimal work until February (just enough to feed us, really), my days have been full of interesting fights to referee, things to find for the kids to amuse themselves (if I hear "I'm bored!" one more time, I am seriously going to consider shooting the kid that says it!!) and just general life things!

Not much crafting has been getting done, as a result! CM have a challenge this month to reuse the Chrissy stuff - like wrapping, cards, etc - so I have been thinking about what we could do with what I WAS able to salvage - mainly boxes that the kids stuff came in.

I was able to teach the girls the basics of the sewing machine and Moo and I got in and did a couple little projects together last week (tissue pockets). Corky wasnt here, so she is ITCHING to get back into it this week! Yesterday was a pretty full day, so we will try to get into something at lunch time, when the babies go to sleep. Now, both the boys are interested in giving sewing a go! I tried to teach them all crocheting last Christmas, but that didnt last we will see how long THIS lasts, hey? LOL.

Busy weekend!! I became an Aunty TWICE!! My SIL (Pete's sister) had her little girl on Saturday night and my best friend had her little boy on Sunday night! Ok, so not such a busy weekend for US, as such, but I could not sleep Saturday night and didnt know just WHY until the phone call came through at about midnight!! I am planning on making them both a set of burp cloths each and a travel nappy holder to match. I will have to send SIL's up to her, but she is in a private hospital and this is her first bub, so she wont be out of there for another couple of days. My best friend should be out today.....providing all went well last night!