I have been a bit quiet on here lately!! My life has been full, though and there is just so much to share!

Since my last post, I have:
* Celebrated my 30th birthday
* Celebrated my son's 1st birthday (yep - it has been over a year since I had him!!)
* Done many, many craft projects (mainly knitting, but there has been a sewing project and a crochet one, too)
* Lived life in general
* Been sick a couple of times (including the kids)!!

I have also run a not-for-profit roadside assistance program for my husband, who cant seem to read his fuel gauge properly or have things in his ute to change a flat tyre!! Yep - about 4 times in the last 2 months I have run to his aid - no matter what I was doing at the time!! And yesterday, with the flat tyre, was the straw that broke the camels back!!!! Here is photo evidence:

Well, it seems that it takes 3 men to change a tyre!! Not to mention the ONE WOMEN it took to bring in the items, so that the tyre COULD be changed!!

Moving on, here are some photos of my knitting conquests:

A scarf for myself

A scarf for the girls. Made out of feathers wool (multicoloured and a white, downy one). I also made another with the same multicoloured feathers wool and a pink downy one.

OO!! That one didnt turn out too well...sorry!! These 3 are pressies for friends - left to right, we have one for my SIL, one for my 30th party (for those who did not fit in to the relevant catagory) and one for my Bro, who has just gone into hospital to have an operation on his leg.