I didnt even realise it! I have caught up with all my posts I have been meaning to do!! LMAO!!

So what has been happening over the last couple of days, besides me catching up on things here? Well, not much really! Ever heard of "Facebook"? I hadnt heard of it before we went up to Mackay and my Aunty was spoofin that she had an account! I made myself an account on Friday and I am officially hooked!! It is such a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. I have found old school friends on there that I havent seen since, well....since we left school, really! Next year will mark 15 years since we were in High School and I am truly hoping that we can organise a get together of some sort! Would be great to actually catch up in RL with everyone.

Little Will started smiling on Monday! Well.....not actually smiling, smiling, but he is starting to turn up the corners of his mouth a little and his face is starting to get that excited look to it - that little extra sparkle in his eyes and everything. I cant believe that it has been 4 weeks already!! Pete cant, either. He has been away for most of his life, to date, but I dont think he is missing out on much - Will is just a little eating, pooing, sleeping machine, at the moment. Therefore I dont think he is missing him as much as the other boys. he can interact with them a little more. He is also showing a little more annoyance when Will cries. He says it is because I am the one feeding him and he cant, at the moment, so the crying and waking up at nights is getting to him. And, yes, the breast feeding is going well. I am just sooo happy (and hungry nearly all the time)! Fingers crossed that it will continue!

I got my results from my Language assessment today - a D....for Distinction!! I cant believe it!! completely blew THAT one in!! I know they arent going to get any easier, so I had better get my finger out and get on top of things, hey? The other two assessment pieces I passed on, too....so happy days!!
(Nearly caught up!!)

This week was a little slower, but still hectic! With the kids back at school, I thought that I would have a great chance at getting more and more study done - not to be!! This week was supposed to be our mid term break, anyhow, so I shouldnt be too worried, hey? PAH!! It seemed that every time I sat down to do a little bit of study, Pete wanted me to do something (and, as usual, he is away on a job out West in Whoop-Whoop, so I cant tell him to do it his bloody self!) - usually resizing photos of jobs that he has done and sending them off by e-mail!

It's not the resizing that is bothering me - I have sat down with the technologically deficient bloke and he just wont take in how to set his camera to the proper settings! It is not, after all, his fault that the batteries fall out all the bloody time and the camera needs to be reset after this happens! It is the amount of photos! It takes up a whole chunk of time to resize nearly 100 photos! THEN to e-mail them off, they have to go one at a time, because everything goes haywire if I try to do more than one!! So, there is more time taken up! Soooo frustrating!!

Anyway......the kids are back at school and Weez couldnt be happier!! She was really lost last week! She kept asking if she was going back to school and I kept reassuring her that she would this week, but she just didnt believe me til Tuesday morning (Monday was a student free day). The look on her face that morning when she was told to get dressed in her uniform was just priceless! She also ate her brekky in record time!

Saturday, my cousin got married and we went to her wedding. It was a lovely church wedding, although I have now worked out that Pete cant watch his darn mouth - no matter WHERE he is! He has the foulest mouth at the best of times and he was in fine form before the ceremony! It was actually embarrassing to be with him!

The whole thing must have cost a fortune, though! Not surprising to me - my Aunty is good at organising big shebangs. The reception included a delicious 2 course meal, for 17 tables (not including the bridal table), with a max 10 people at each table = expensive for a starters!! Not to mention the wine bottle toppers us ladies got (stainless steel numbers with a rubber stopper) and the 50ml bottle of port for the men! There were 5 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and their gifts were chrystal wine glasses and beer mugs - expensive little suckers, those!!

Little Will was just the perfect guest all night - he slept in his basket! He was also the warmest in the room, due to my putting a blanket over the top of the basket to prevent the cold air con from going in there! I opened it up, once and, I tell ya, he was lucky there wasnt enough room for me in there!! All I had on was a spaghetti strap top and a skirt (undies and bra as well, FYI) and it was warmer outside than it was inside!!

Hmm....just reading this all back and it seems that I was a little pissed with Pete last week! LOL He has been just the cranky little MF lately! I think all this going away is getting to him! I know that it is getting to me.
What a week!! monday and Tuesday were pretty cruisey - things went pretty much according to plan. Wednesday was a shocker! I thought that, since Tash is here, I would get her to look after the kids while I go and drop Corky and J-Man home and get my hair cut. As soon as I dropped off the little ones at daycare, the proverbial hit the fan!!

I had a visit from a police man to ask some questions about that Landy that Pete bought that ended up stolen (finally!! It's been, like, 2 friggin months!). My good mate dropped in while he was here, but I didnt get to spend much time with her, because Mr Policeman stayed a long time, himself! Well, at least she got the best of my hospitality - a cup of coffee that I accidently made wrong - 2 sugars, instead of one, white instead of black........had a lot going on and was making about 7 cups of tea AND coffee, holding conversation, sorting out Moo's problem and keeping an eye on the bloody time! Not good for concentrating!!

I only JUST got all 3 assessment pieces in on time!! I got my Maths and Computing pieces over and done with quickly - they were pretty easy. My Language piece was a different matter! I honestly thought I had another week to complete it, but found out on Wednesday that it was actually due on Friday!! Lots of swear words and lots of polishing and lots of hours later, though, it was complete and I printed it off and sent it Friday.....just have to wait for the results, now - that could take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks after we come back from mid-term break!

This weekend saw us up in Mackay for my Aunty's 50th, though - perfect after the week that I have just had!! I shared the cost of hiring a car with Cam and Jules and we headed off on Saturday morning. It was a pretty breezey ride up, though long!! I really should have taken more food with us!! I spent a fortune on food and drinks at roadhouses!! We only had Lenny, Moo, Bubba, Mickey and Will with us!

Pete was waiting at the Motel when we got up there (not one that would go into my own little travel book, mind you - it was quite a terrible place - but the only thing that I could find last weekend!). He travelled from Airlee down and WAS to head out to Longreach Sunday, but cancelled that, because they DID work his butt off!

It was a lovely night and my Aunty got a lovely surprise. She knew that there was going to be a few people there, but didnt quite know how many or who - certainly not me and my little tribe of kids! Brekky the next morning at their place was just lovely, too.....expect nothing less from Uncle Kel! He is a brilliant cook at the barbie and his brekkies are just THE best after a night out!

Our trip back was a little bad. Mickey decided to play up a little between Mackay and Sarina! Quite put poor ole Cam and Jules off having kids, unfortunately!! Seems we have that sort of affect on people, I am afraid! LMAO! Oh well......ya get that!! Pete took Bubba in the car from Yaamba, thinking that he would be good company for him - HA!! He slept all the way home!! hE Should have taken Mickey - he was talking and being really loud from there til about 1/2 way between Rocky and home!! Thank goodness he had a sleep, though...he would have been really ratty that night, if he didnt!
Change of plans!! Seems Pete will be away for the whole week up in Airlee Beach!! The lucky bugger will be staying at Club Croc......just wont get time to enjoy it, I reckon - they will have him working off his feet, the poor bugger!

Tash arrived today and gave the kids a big surprise! So glad she is here! Tea time tonight was a little hectic. I picked up the little ones a little late, due to her arrival and they were a little ratty come that time. Big oopsies!

My Aunt and Uncle have decided to stay across the road until they go home....good and bad! We also have some boarders living there, at the moment, because they needed a place to stay! 7 people in one 3 bedroom house that dont normally live together, is just a little wierd for me!!

A full week planned ahead! Beach tomorrow, Skate park Thursday and whatever else we can fit in, in between! Tash is going home on Friday, so she wants to do as much as possible with the kids before she leaves!

Sciatica is still here! I am unable to sit down for long periods (as I have said before), which means that I am unable to sit down and do any of my STEPS stuff! AND I have 3 (yes - 3) assessment items due on Friday! Why, oh why, am I not on holidays, like the kids? I spose I will have to get used to that, hey?
Well, this is Will's due date (according to the doctors!). How he has proven us ALL wrong!! LMAO. Just goes to show that a baby will come when he/she WANTS to come! I thought I took some photos of us this week, but cant seem to find them, now!! Oh well....trust me - he has not grown too much for anyone to tell!

Pete is due to take off on Monday to do some drilling jobs for his Uncle out west! So, the kids and I will be spending a couple of days to ourselves - YIPPEE!! This means that he will be away for some of the holidays and we will have Corky and J-Man for some of that, so we will see how things pan out for us! I might get left home with 8 kids all to myself! Wont THAT be fun? LOL. Luckily, my ex-SIL is planning on surprising the kids with a small trip up here, so she will be here to help me out!

My Uncle Steve (my Dad's youngest brother) and his missus and kids have made their way up, today! They are staying across the road at Dad's this weekend and then looking at heading into town for the next couple of days and staying at Nana's place. The only problem is that Uncle Steve suffers from bouts of asthma and Nana's house is close to QAL and gets all the dust and stuff and it aggravates it! Hope he doesnt have any problems on this trip!
Well a week has come and gone and little Will is basically in his own little routine! Just fantastic! I cant believe how well we have all adapted to each other and how he has fitted his own little self into 'us'! Of course, I am not counting on him staying in this routine....give him a couple of months and it will change! Here are some photos of the kids with him at the hospital.

Not much done, this week....not even housework! Oh, well, you get that, hey? Problem is....my sciatica has returned and I am unable to sit for long periods of time....and stand, for that matter! But, I expect it to go when my hormones settle down, again, just like last time (when I was preggers with Dominic). It is just a PITA, though! Quite literally, but more than that! Sitting on the toilet is even a bother! Gives me a good excuse to go lay down, though, coz that is just about the only way for me to 'reset' it!

My favourite photo of the week!

We are doing well with the breast feeding this time round, too! I am enjoying my full boobs, too! LMAO!! Not the saggy, baggy ones that I have had for soooo darn long! I just hope that I can continue breast feeding him as I am really enjoying it this time round. I feel such a bond with him.....not that I didnt feel it with any of the other kids, but this one is different....probably because he is my last and I have vowed to enjoy him as much as I can! Little piggy, though!! He makes such a racket when he is feeding! Must remember to record it on my phone one day....it is just soooo cute! Great for his 21st....hehe.
Front page news!!!

My little man is only just 24 hours old and he is front page news!! He was one of 11 born over the Easter weekend and this photo was splashed over the front page. He is the little one on the right....bright eyed and bushy tailed at just 7 hours old!!

PLUS I opened my big fat mouth (I blame it on the fact that I was dead tired) and told them that he was born in the back of an ambulance......so there was also a HUGE picture and a little write up of us on page 4!! Nice picture, but I didnt think that it would be so large - it took up over 1/4 of the page!
He has arrived!! Little William David Crane endeavoured to make his way into the world early this morning in the back of an ambulance! Yes, I knew I was in labour (about 9pm last night) and I knew that I should be careful, what with my troubles that I had a couple of weeks ago. But, I didnt think things would progress quite as they would, obviously!

Look how tiny he was, compared to Petes hand!!

Birth STATS:
Weight: 3030gms (6lb 11oz)
Length: 48cm
Head Circ: 34cm
5 fingers, 5 toes, plumbing attached and all in good working order!

As I said, about 9pm last night I knew I was in labour, but contractions were sporadic and there wasnt any real routine about them, so I headed for bed about 11:30 after informing Dad that he would probably be needed sometime in the wee hours of the morning and he headed off across the road to bed, himself. About 2:30am I woke with a seering pain and knew that it was time to head off. Pete rushed off and told Dad and I went to the toilet.....where all the troubles began. I was having another bleed and it was not stopping this time! With each contraction, there was more, so an ambulance was called.

After what seemed an eternity, they showed up and I was on the verge of hysterics.....thank goodness Dad was there, because he put his arm around me and spoke to me in that fatherly voice of his and I soon settled down! Down to the ambulance we headed and into town. Just 3 minutes from the hospital, William decided to make his way into the world and there was no stopping him at all! It scared the shit out of not just me, but the ambulance officer as well! She did really well, though and spoke me through it all and he was delivered safe and sound.....her second delivery since being an ambo!

Pete rushed into town in my car and packed it a little when he arrived at the emergency entrance......the ambulance was there, but we werent in it! Mainly because he reckons it looked like a meat wagon (his words, not mine - my waters had not broken....they broke when he arrived and there was just a little mess in the back - stupid little beds they have in there!)The nurse had to calm him down after letting him in, because he nearly knocked the doors down trying to enter! The look on his face when he entered the room was just priceless!
That's right, I have not gone entirely insane with all these kids and they have not sent me to the funny farm.......just yet! Things have been really hectic here over the last couple of weeks and finding a routine in amongst it all has proven to be just a little out of my reach. Hence, my internet time has been cut away almost entirely and I have not been able to visit the places I love to visit!

I have decided to do a little catch up over the next couple of days with back dating some posts, so keep your eyes peeled for what we have been up to! Honestly, I have been spending a little time on Word and making up some posts when I can, so I can copy and paste them when I get a chance. So plenty of photos to be uploaded and posts to be posted!

Not much crafting going on here, though! I hope to change that over the coming weeks. The boys need new winter jammies and Moo has just shown me her dull wardrobe, so making her a few things will also be on my list of things to do! Corky is about the same size as Moo, now (except for around the butt), so the things that I make Moo will also fit her....if not now, then a few months down the track! Lenny is quite liking the idea of new clothes made by Mummy, too, so he has his order in for a few things, too!