But I havent been idle!! As you can guess, I have been kept relatively busy with my hoard, but it hasnt been just the everyday things that have kept me from blogging!

First off, there is my sciatica, which prevents me from sitting down for long periods of time at the computer, in front of the TV or just anywhere in particular! I have not been able to sew (sorry Tracy no update on that quilt just yet!) or do much at all except read a good book or two, because crocheting with my hands in the air while I am lying on my back tends to make the blood rush from my hands and make my arms ache just a little.

Yes, I have picked up my hooks, again. Winter tends to have that affect on me. This time making a very easy beanie pattern I found in the May, 08 issue of "Get Creative" magazine. I have made about 5 so far and plan on making some more. No real need for the kids to wear beanies in Central Queensland, but they are a good fashion accessory, anyway! Here is Mickey posing for me:


I have also made up a poncho from a pattern from the same magazine for one of Weez's friends who had a birthday party last weekend. It turned out ok.....except the beanie was a little too small for her head! No matter - I took it home and added some more rows to it and it turned out fine. Here is Weez modeling it for me:


Mickey fell sick on Thursday night. A lovely vomiting bug that he has decided to share with his brothers! Nothing like sharing and I am glad they are learning that, but they have to learn that some things are just NOT good to share, hey? Bubba fell sick this morning and I dont think little Will is altogether good, either. He has slept most of today! But he has managed to keep his bottles down, so that is good.....just grumpy as anything when awake and refusing to play the game of "nice little baby don't scream in Mummy's ear". But.....we will persevere. Besides - what doesnt kill them only makes them stronger, hey?

I cant believe that tomorrow will mark 12 weeks since I gave birth to him!! I am trying not to blink, but the time is just flying by and he is getting bigger and bigger every day! He was smiling at 4 weeks, but it took Aunty JuJu to come over and get him to smile for long enough for me to take a bloody photo! Here it is:

Took me 4 weeks to get that darn photo, but its worth it hey?

In other news - my car conked out the other week! All I wanted was another week so that Pete could get my bus in order and I could run that one around! But, since it decided to play a game of its own, I have been stuck without a car for the last couple of weeks. Just lucky that Dad is on long service leave, coz I have had to call on him a couple of times to do the school run on some rainy mornings!! Other mornings have involved the kids walking to school or juggling cars (all utes) and doing several trips.

Favourite photo of this week is:

Say "Smile!" around this house at the moment and this is the response ya get from the boys!!