I have a skirt. This skirt is old, but hardly worn because of its plain unflatteryness (oo..nice word, must remember that one!!).

Anyway, here it is (modelled by moi, of course!!
Told ya! TOTALLY unflattering. There is a zip on the left hand side and a tie made from the binding at the top.

So, this is now going to be something else! I am going to attempt my first garment reconstruction!!!! You can join in my journey, because I am going to make up a tutorial when I do it and post it on CM and in here!
Happy Easter!

The morning has come and gone. The kids have got their presents. There is no chocolate, here, unless it is given to the kids from someone else. Even then, we 'ration' it out to them, so that they are not out of their trees for the holidays. For some strange reason, the Easter holidays start AT Easter in QLD and not the weekend before, like so many lucky states! Well, lucky for the parents, not the teachers! hehe.

We went on a nice little bike ride this morning - to clear the head....apparently. Well, as nice as a kiddy chair and a kiddy trailer on the back of a bike can make it, anyway!! My plans are to take the kids to and from school on the bikes, so I had better get some fitness up about me or I am just going to be totally stuffed!! The hills are the killer! Not going down them - the trailer pushes me on them - but going up them! I was afraid to change gears, at first, because my bike has had troubles before in that department! Our plan was for a large ride before lunch, have lunch at a brilliant little take away and then come on home, stopping off at a friend's place on the way. Didnt happen! We got 1/2 way to the shop and I decided to turn off and make my way to my friends place! My legs were KILLING me! But my friend was duly impressed...hehe.

Pete has just bought me a cross trainer (elliptical exercise machine, where you stand and pedal instead of sitting on a bike. Oh! and you use your arms, too, so good all round.), so I will no doubt be hopping on that every day. All it takes is 5 minutes to get a decent work out on one area, so I will definitely be doing that! Just pop on when the kids are asleep or something like that and off I go!!

I have set myself a challenge for this long weekend - to clean up my soap making area. This involves the other areas under the house, here and takes up about 1/2 of the under-house area (if you catch my drift. So is a pretty big job! When we moved here, everything just got thrown in left, right and centre - where it could fit best - and I have been putting off sorting it all out until now! I have set this challenge on CM mainly for myself, but I have asked the girls to join in with me, also. So far, a couple have taken up the challenge with me and sorted out their areas that they have been putting off, themselves, so all is good - I am not alone in my endeavour!
Seems I have been neglecting my blog a little! Sorry, girl!

I have been in the middle of moving houses - and towns - for the last couple of weeks, but that is NO EXCUSE for not blogging, I know!

Craft-wise, a few things have been happening, here! I took part in the Crafty Mama's keychain swap in February and their recipe card swap, too. I received Cin's keychain in the mail the other day and it is just gorgeous! Must get a photo of it and post it here! The button on it brings back memories of my childhood! I think I had a dress or something with the same buttons on it! THINK!

I am thinking of doing up the kids' rooms - not just with doonas and curtains in a theme, but with a few embellishments here and there. The thoughts are there - just have to put them into something! I must get my sewing machine back off my good friend, Di, one of these days!

This weekend is Easter! We dont have much planned for the weekend. Amy is with her family and the next couple of days sound like they are flat out for her. I plan on getting into my soap making area and organising that! I have made a challenge up for myself on Crafty Mamas, so it had BETTER get done, or those girls can seriously kick my butt!! Might get the kids in there, earning a few bucks for themselves! That will make the load easier!

Oh! Another reason to get my machine back off Di? Nik did the GORGEOUS recon of a normal T into a tank/cami top and I would just LOVE to try it out! It also gives me some incentive to try something on a skirt that has been sitting in my cupboard for a little while! I was just looking at it this morning, thinking that SOMETHING needed to be done with it, because ever since I got it off eBay, I dont think that I have worn it even ONCE (except to try it on, but that doesnt count!). Hmm....so many ideas, so little time!!!