Well, the lovely Karma has tagged me! Here I was, thinking that I would just sit back and watch the goings on, but she found me! LMAO!! I have been a little slack here, lately and havent posted anything at all......in fact, I have been really slack and not done many things, lately! The school holidays are getting to me, as well as the kids!! Only 3 more days before they go back!!

Ok, so I have to name 6 weird things about myself and then tag another 6 people! So, here goes:

1. I LOVE vegemite and cheese.....toasted, or just on a sandwich. I thought that this was quite normal to like this, since I have done it since I was a kid, but APPARENTLY not!

2. Karma said that she doesnt drive in cities! Is that NOT normal?? Hmm.....another weird thing about me, then, too!

3. I can reverse park my big Land Rover County (9 seater)! I actually have only discovered that I can do this, when I was in a bind one day for a parking spot!!

4. I can reverse a trailer - APPARENTLY not many women my husband knows can do this!!

5. I have been told that being pregnant and enjoying it is weird, too......so add that one to the list.

6. Grasping at straws, here, but my musical tastes are a wide variety of genres - from classical, to contempory, to death metal!! It just depends on what sort of mood that I am in at the time.

Well, there ya go - 6 weird things about me! Now, to go and tag some people!!
First Big Project!!

Well, I have the crocheting bug and I just have to crochet something for the kids rooms!! I have just gone to my Newsagent and bought a couple of magazines - one being Creative Crochet. It has some fantastic designs in there that I just want to jump on into, but I think that I will just keep to simple granny squares for my first go at something big.

I went to spotlight this morning on the sole purpose of buying some wool for another project, but I came out with two of each of the balls you see pictured to the left. They were having a sale on them and they were just too irresistable!! The brown-y wool will be for J-Mans' bed and the Black/Grey will be for Lenny's. Yep - that is a black/grey blend, there, not just black/white with a grey solid - not blue (sorry, camera was running out of battery power).

The dark blue PURE wool was also on special - just $2 a ball, so I snavelled up about 4 of them for my project!!
Follow me on this little adventure - I will post photos and come back regularly and tell you my progress!!

Well, I have decided to keep all my project together and just keep editing posts with the updates.
So, here is a sneak peek of what it is up to today!!

Not much, at the moment, but it is a start!!
Starting off this blog has been hard!! I have written and re-written this first post so many times, that I am just fed up with typing and thinking!! I will just type what I am thinking, now!!

We are a large family, consisting of 7 kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs and 4 fish. We live in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia and own our own businesses. We moved up here from Gladstone about 18 months ago and are looking to move back down there in the future.

We have just made up our camping kit and are looking at taking a lot of camping trips in the future. We have just gone on our first camping trip all together with the gear, so I will post some pickies of them later.

On the crafty side - I am mainly the one who crafts, at the moment, with lots of different hobbies and projects on the go at once (just like anyone, I presume). I have the crochet bug, at the present moment, so there will be lots of crocheted items being made for my house!! I have my eyes on a nice lacey curtain, but I think that is just a little out of my league, at the moment!!

Well, that is good, for a start! I have just designed my own template to go with this blog and it needs a lot of work done to it.....it looks just a little plain, at the moment!! But it will be good for the moment, just until I can get my HTML/CSS knowledge up a little!!