No pics today, sorry!! Just a quick catch up on things that have been happenin around here.

Where do I start? Well, Weez is doing well in Prep. She is sooo excited every morning to get up and get going! With this being her first full week, she was feeling the strain a little this morning, though! I suspect tonight will be an early night for her! She had her first trip to the library to borrow books, yesterday, and came home with 'Helpful Betty' (I think). It is all about a hippo that likes to help out her friends, but ends up being a little too helpful, IYKWIM......great topic for her, at the moment, because she is trying to 'help' Mickey all the time, but he is refusing and there ends up being a fight and something wrecked!

Moo is doing well at keeping up with her at school and checking up on her in the lunch hours. They even took a little trip down to the library and bought some books (50c each and the money goes back to the school, of course!). Moo is also enjoying being able to ride to and from school without her big brother hassling her to hurry up! LOL.

Lenny is settling into the high school routine very well. I must sit down with him and organise his books a little, though, because he gets them mixed up and writes in the wrong ones! Good homework, though - re-writing the stuff into his proper books! LOL. I think a lever arch folder will be a good investment at this time! I was advised that he may not want one, so didnt buy one! Shouldda listened to my instincts on that one!

The boys and I are enjoying our extra time together! Tuesday saw us over at a friend's place for the morning.......she has a little boy, just 4 weeks older than Mickey, so it was an excellent morning and not too many fights, either! Bubba declared when we got home that we should do it again! It is just a pity that the weather has been a little too 'blech' to do much more!

This morning found us at the doctor's for Mickey's chicken pox needle (and two repeats, because there was a 'problem with the fridge for the last batches of needles'!). Poor Vegemite just doesnt like needles.....or having his ears, throat and temp checked! He really worked himself up a right treat! All good, though, he dove into the lolly jar and picked himself out THE biggest snake and another and soon devoured them! Good thing Pete was there, belly is just too big to be able to hold him properly! Strong little bugger was nearly too much for Daddy! LOL.

Weather wise, things have been pretty dismal! It stormed on Sunday night (like, really loud, wake-you-up storming) and that rain continued for most of Monday.....I got drenched taking the kids to school and daycare! Tuesday was hot and muggy and just darn uncomfortable!! Yesterday was a pretty mild day, with a few showers about. Still hot and muggy, though!! Today is a stinker!! Much like Monday, but worse, I reckon!! The sun is really bitey - feels like it is actually eating your sking, when you are out there for even just a few seconds! So, I think this afternoon will be a quick trip to the library after school...just until the sun goes down and the front yard is covered in the nice (?) shade! Ihave been meaning to go and get myself a library card, anyhow, so just might be a great opportunity for that, hey?