One weekend, Pete got stir crazy......he didn't have to go to work and didn't have any work around the house that he had to do (or FELT like doing, more......always plenty to do around here!).  So he decided to pack everyone in the car and head out on a local road trip, sightseeing.  It was a lovely drive from here, to Yeppoon and back - you can actually make a round trip of it....sorta like a scenic loop of the area.  Here are the results of such actions:

Fun on the sand at Emu Park.

A quick visit to the 'Singing Ship'

Read the information available about it.

Enjoy the etchings on the sun dial.

Pose for photos (though not look too happy that your sister has her arm around you).

Enjoy the lovely view (looks like Mickey is really close there, hey?  I can assure you he wasn't!)

And enjoy something to eat and drink before falling asleep on the way home.

Total cost for the day:

Time:  around 3 hours
Food:  sandwiches, water and a little cordial - $10 (if that!)
Fuel:  Who knows!!  Who cares..???  We had some fun and got outta the house and did something different!!