I have been waiting for it! I knew that sitting in the dark, just looking out at the world, hoping that someone wouldnt tag me wouldnt work! LOL.

Thanks, again, Peta!

7 wierd and wonderful things about me!

Firstly, here are the rules:
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2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Well, you asked for it! Here goes!

1. I am a terrible hoarder....of ALL things! Every time we move, we have a clean out, but the stuff just keeps accumulating and becoming a mountain every time (even if the last move was just 6 months ago).

2. Op shopping is my favourite past time. If I go into town, I just HAVE to visit just one....or I get very cranky! It takes a lot for me to hold off going into one......I know I have to rotate between the ones in town, because I will visit one so often that I will basically strip it of interesting things within a couple of weeks and end up leaving with an empty feeling.....just lucky there are quite a few in town, hey?

3. Swimming in the sea doesnt truly appeal to me, either! Like Peta, I cant STAND not seeing what is beneath my feet. The thought of being pummeled by the waves is not too appealing, either. I prefer to sit and watch the kids and stand in the shallows with the little ones....much safer!

4. I am one for picking things up, craft wise, and running with them and not letting go of them. I have many stashes - from wool, to material, to soap making stuff - that are just sitting there, waiting for me to do things with them and use them up!

5. I love piles of things - from magazines, to clothing that needs to be mended or altered or thrown, to just general messes.

6. If my desk is tidy, I feel out of place!!

7. I hate exercise (particularly running)! I am a very sporty-type person and love actually playing a game of hockey or two, but the thought of actually going to training and getting my fitness up, turns me off! I would rather ride a bike or go on my elliptical machine...but only when no one is looking or I really HAVE to!

Ok, so there they are!! I am not going to tag anyone, because the blogs I visit regularly have been tagged before. I could be nasty, but that is just not me..hehe...not today, anyway! If you happen to read this and you havent been tagged before and reckon you could have a go at it, then feel free to leave a comment and I will go and check out your blog and answers!

Well....there it is! I got the guts up on the weekend, pulled my shirt up and got Pete to take some photos! Yep - I am carrying low and there IS a lot of pressure down there, but bub has not put his little head into position, yet!

All is going well.....CTG results all good and no more 'shows'. The trips into town to go onto the monitor are what is killing me! I really like most of the staff up there, but the place is just sooooo depressing, at times....typical of hospitals, though, hey?
Had a pretty terrible day, yesterday! I spent more time than I wanted to up at the hospital, which meant that Pete had the boys for a little longer than expected at his job site. He got all his work done, but wasnt happy when I finally arrived to pick them up to go home....too bad, too sad, I say!

The boys slept on the way home (about a full 10 minutes, I reckon!) and then wouldnt go down after that! None of my threats worked and I fought with them for about an hour before I finally gave up and headed outside for a 5 minute break.....only to have Pete come home for a little while and he found the air con front panel completely broken off and the boys room in a total shambles!! Bubbas bed was upside down, literally (the mattress, not the bunk bed) and he had pulled out ALL his clothes from the cupboard!!

So, Pete talks to them and they head back to bed....not to go to sleep, mind you, because I knew they wouldnt!

Next thing I know, they are headed outside on a little mission of their own (known only to them, of course!). I went out to see what they were up to and there is Bubba with a pair of scissors! He was cutting into the back of Mickey's hair. A big chunk was taken out of the crown! I cried, I tell ya! I wasnt happy at all! The poor little man needed a little hair cut, but not THAT much!!

Needless to say, I had to clip it with a no. 4 on top and no. 3 on the sides.....Not what I wanted to do, originally, but what I had to do to blend it all in good and not look dicky.

The worst thing? Bubba then wanted HIS hair cut the same!! There were no 2 ways about it - he wanted it done, by hook or by crook! I bawled, again!! Not while I was doing it, but when I was trying to pick just one lock of hair from the pile to keep! I kept the lot......and there WAS a lot!!

Here are some before and after shots:

Yep - a rats tail! It was wet then, but dry it still has a little curl on the end!

Check it all out!! Cost - under $20 for the lot!! I honestly thought the patterns would be around 50c each! They were only 20c each! BARGAIN!!

These are from 2 op shops last Monday. The patterns are, for the most part, untouched! All but one of them have ALL the pattern pieces in them (either uncut or cut). Shouldnt be too hard to take patterns off the ones that have been cut smaller or bigger and make patterns to suit me, I am sure!

The top pickie shows some fabric down the bottem that is satin. I havent even TRIED sewing on this material, yet, but will venture down that path in the following months with this lot, I think!

He loves them!! I think the photo says it all!! The fabric is just a remnant I bought from Big W a little while ago and he has nearly worn the butt out of them (they get washed and he wears them straight away, again). I took the pattern from an old pair of shorts that fit him and sewed them up in just a couple of hours! Simple dimple and great, because there is no real front and back to them - perfect for him and his toilet training (no worries about putting them on back-to-front!).
For those of you who follow my blog I am truly sorry for my slackness in February!! Short month and a lot has gone on, but it truly is no excuse to keep you all up to date on what is happening here!!

We are all fine, but I have been having a few problems over the last week or so. It seems this baby will be the straw that breaks this little camels back! I have had enough! With just 4 weeks to go, I feel fat (though I dont look it, I know) and frumpy most days! Expected, I know, but just a little annoying!! Bub is sitting really low and has been making me feel really uncomfortable!

ETA - I just realised that I have not written much about this pregnancy here!

I have also been in and out of hospital for the last week or so with some shows. Freaked me out the first day (last Wednesday)! It wasnt just the show that freaked me, it was the amount of it! I jinxed myself, I think........"I havent had any problems in all my other pregnancies, except sciatica with Mickey, so this one should be a breeze, too!" PAH!! I was expecting the sciatica to come back, but that hasnt...touch wood! Just OTHER things are worrying me (and the doctors)!

I spent Wednesday night up in for observation, Saturday morning until lunch time and Sunday evening for a couple of hours. They asked me to come back in Monday for observation, again and a scan and they kept me in overnight, again! Scan showed nothing conclusive and it just happens to be 'one of those unexplainable things'.....yeh.....great bloody help! So taking it easy and relaxing and all that is prescribed - yeh right....with 5 kids in this house.....I DONT THINK SO!! LMAO

Bubby is ok - heart rate fine and moving just as much as ever (doesnt mean anything with the movements slowing when it comes to labour, because Mickey was moving the whole time!). I was having Braxton Hicks on Wednesday (machine was going ape!), but they have settled down real well and I hardly have any anymore. This is probably the only pregnancy that I have noticed them, because I HAVE to! Any slight tightening and my mind is turned towards them! My cervix is closed, so he may not come for any time soon.....I hope! I mean, I would be comfortable, at the moment, because MY dates are different to theirs, but if he does decide to come early, then the docs and midwives wont be so accommodating, I reckon! They might try to put it off! LOL.

Alright!! Enough about me!! I will actually go in and add another post about the stuff we have been up to in February!