Not exactly 'roughin it' like I used to as a kid, because we had a TV, but we have been camping all the same!!

We went to Airlie Beach and stayed in Cannonvale at a little caravan park called Seabreeze Tourist Park. Pete stays there when he goes up there to work and it is a wonderful little park! The owner is so nice and does many things around the place herself.

The trip up on Monday was just horrible and I was NOT looking forward to doing ANYTHING!! I had Moo, Corky, Lenny, Amy, Bubba and, of course, William. Six kids in a car that do not get a long at the best of times......lets just say it was doomed from the start and by the time I got to Rocky (just a little over an hour from here), I wanted to turn around and head home!! Thank goodness I persevered and we made it all up in one piece....just!! I mean, there wasnt just the fighting kids for me to contend with (by myself), there was rain and trucks that spat up heaps of water so I couldnt see in front of them to see if I could overtake AND the numerous stops just so that ONE kid could go to the toilet at a bloody time!! I think THAT is what pissed me off the most!
The firs piece of sunshine I had seen ALL day!! I was driving when I took this - can ya tell? hehe

I met Pete in Mackay and he led for the rest of the trip (another 2 hours from Mackay). We got to the van park just after 5pm and immediately started setting up camp.......picture it being nearly dark and the skies threatening to dump a load on us any time soon and swearing adults and kids running frantically to avoid the wrath of their parents and you will get the picture! All good, though - we got basic camp set up with the aid of the car headlights and decided to set up the rest of the camp the next day.....THEN the skies decided to dump its load on us!

Tuesday was not much better - very overcast and spitting all day...not very much fun for the kids....or me, for that matter!! Because Pete decided to do ALL his work that day so that he could have a couple of days off and have a little holiday! Picture (again) bored kids, looking for something to do and by lunch time bored out of their tiny minds, babies trying to sleep and Mum trying not to pull her hair out, because there have just been WAY too many fights for her liking!! They soon got the hint that Mummy had had enough and went and played footy - with J-Man's shoe of all things!! LMAO!! Then it was 'Brandy' with the shoe and, somehow, they roped me into the game!! Thanks goodness people decided they had had enough of the sad weather and went home on Monday, otherwise we wouldnt have had that space to play in!

Wednesday was an excellent day!! We had brekky (like you do first up in the morning) and then headed into Airlie itself and drove around the new estate with $1mill views and looked at (and drooled over) some of the houses there! Pete did a site investigation on one of the blocks. Since it was cleared and there was brilliant views, I asked him to stop so I could take some photos. Here they are!

To the left of the block:

From the middle of the block:

To the right of the block:

I actually went a little shutter happy that day. hehe. After we went for the little 'Tiki tour' we headed on down to a park, where the kids played for just over an hour. I got plenty of shots of them playing, but when I wanted them all to come together, do ya think I could get ONE where they were looking at the camera - altogether - and SMILING??? Just minutes before this one was taken, they were all jumping to get in shots!! Anyway, this is the best I could do at the time!

On a crafty note: I got started on two crochet projects while I was up there! I actually finished one part of one - I have signed up to be a part of the latest SWAP over at Crafty Mamas - a pincushion swap! I just have to find out who my partner will be and then I will decide on what colour the rest of it will be! The second project was a boys beanie (finally). I decided to take up just small projects, since sitting down and working out what I was up to and where I had to go from there just didnt appeal to me at all! My big project (my shirt) I left at home hoping that the finishing fairies would finish it for me, but they must not have found the time to visit my place, coz it was the same as I left it! Looks like I will just have to get in and do it myself now, hey? ;(