I have decided to lift my ban on all things crafty a little, since I have mostly caught up on my studies!!

So what am I going to make? My first EVER quilt!! It will be for Will when he finally gets big enough to lay on the floor and have a little play.

I bought some little precut fabric squares from an op shop a little while ago. They are 3" x 3", so just perfect for what I want them for! They are all different sorts of fabric - thick, thin, cotton, polyester, even denim - but that will add to the charm, I am hoping! The backing and border will be some cord or a heavy material from my stash....since it will get a lot of use.

I took out the pieces last night, sorted through them and took out the boy colours. Then I put them into groups of 4 to make up larger squares to put together.

If things go well, I will be making 2! One for the floor and one for the cupboard! Will keep you all updated here!
I HATE being sick!! And the last few days have just reaffirmed my position on that stand. I PLANNED to get a whole heap of study done, but that flew out the window Sunday afternoon, when it was really apparent that I was sick with something and not just suffering from a hangover (which I would be blowed to put a cause to, since I havent touched a drop of alcohol in nearly 4 weeks!!).

Sunday I got out of bed at my usual time, but was back in bed feeding Will at about 7. I woke around 9 feeling a lot better, but not totally. I pushed through til lunch, but went to bed as soon as the younger ones went, themselves.....not to resurface at ALL!! My throat was KILLING me and I couldnt swallow properly; my head was aching like it was about to explode; and my whole body was aching, so I just wanted to lie there, sleep through it all....tempting death from starvation, if it came to it! Come midnight, though, I was up and taking some pain killers...finally!

Monday was a public holiday, so there were no chemists open or doctors and that meant relying on what we had at hand here or what we could get from the local corner store. It was a terrible day, which involved me sleeping lots and the kids and Pete screaming at each other - mainly because, I think, he cant handle ALL (yes, we had J-Man and Corky last weekend) by himself!! Oh! We also had Pete's nephew (a troubled 15 year old), so there was someone else to add to the mix! They all survived....all in one piece by the end of the day, so that was good!

Tuesday, shops, doctors and schools were open, so off we went for the morning drop off run and I headed to the doctors! Turned out I had TONSILLITIS!! I spose I still have it, but she gave me some really good antibiotics that have kicked the sucker in the ass and showed it on its merry way! Just cant drink with them, though....had myself a small Bundy Rum the other night (as sort of a celebration drink) and felt the effects only 1/2 way through it! Next time I will put on my thinking cap and have a caffeinated coffee or something!

Yesterday was a great day! I got most of the study done that I wanted to get done on the weekend, surfed the internet a little for some things and just generally spent time to myself! It is great to do that, when you arent sick! I had the boys at home today, but tomorrow I will be in town, spending some money at the new Lincraft store!! Well, for some of the day, anyway!!

Photo of the day!!

This was taken with my phone camera, so the quality isnt too great, but it looks fantastic as my wallpaper on my phone!! Gives me a little chuckle every time I look at it! Mickey is such a little dork!
First and foremost, I would like to say that computers are complete pains in the arse!! I have had nothing but trouble from mine over the last week or so! Of course, it is never my fault and all Pete's!! LOL.

With that out of the way, I can get onto the week we had!

Weez had the fortune to take part in her Aunties wedding on Saturday. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her little flowergirl dress! It was all a little overwhelming for her, though and she dawdled a little down the 'aisle', but she did her job well and made her family proud.

The wedding was held at the local park by the seaside. It was in a lovely little grove of trees and there werent too many gawkers that were a problem....thank goodness!! Where the ceremony was, is right near a playground and kids are usually running through there. There were a heap of kids there before the ceremony, but the parents pulled them away when Ange arrived....good on them!

The rest of our week was pretty quiet! The older two decided they wanted to sign up for Junior Touch, so I signed them up last week. Their first game was on Wednesday, but I didnt get to watch it, as I ran around and picked up kids from daycare and did a few other things after dropping them off. They are in the same team so that will make things easy for us! No training days, either, I dont think...so really easy! Just gonna be a little cold when winter sets its claws in, but we will cope!

Pete was home all week! He went away for a day on Tuesday to Thangool for a job, but that was it! I was quite surprised.

Not much happening on the crafting front! Although, I have been going over to Crafty Mamas and checking things out there. Pete and I took a trip into town on Monday and checked out the new Lincraft shop and went to an op shop. We found Corky a sewing machine in at the op shop for just $30! It looks relatively new, too, so we are going to check it out this weekend and see how she goes. So....each of us has a machine! There will be no fighting or bitching and whinging about having to wait to use one!

Favourite photo of the week:

Bubba truly loves his little brother!!