Mother's Day

No brekky in bed for me this year! Not even a coffee....the whole house was off doing their own thing (but still at home, mind you). I was left to flounder out of bed by my little self and face the day, making my own coffee and heading downstairs in my jammies.

It took everyone at least 1/2 hour to get round to wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, so at least they gave me room to wake up!!

They then got in and made me some very lovely cards! Moo had already made me something at school, but wanted to make me something from home. Do you remember making tissue flowers at school or when you were a kid? Remember giving them to your Mum and thinking that they were just THE best flowers that you have given her? Well, that is what Moo gave me this year!! I love them!! Here's a photo:What crafty little individuals they are!! I LOVE it when they do this sort of thing!!