Holy COW!!  The weeks are just FLYING by!!  I s'pose that's happens when you are busy, hey?

I have some op-shop goodies to share with you!!  I went out yesterday on the sole purpose of finding Bubba Pete some new (old) school shorts and came home with a heap of goodness (as well as some shorts and two shirts - bonus!).  Of course, I expected myself to find these other said goodies that I just HAD to add to any one of my stashes, so I set myself a budget (yep - a BUDGET for op-shopping!) and took off and here is what I bought:

Harry Potter curtain material for Bubba Pete's library bag.....he is a Harry Potter/Ben 10 fan.  This was originally two skinny pieces.  I sewed them up last night before I thought to take a photo of them and they matched up almost perfectly!  And I just put them together and sewed!  Did NOT think that they would come together as well as they did!

A large, red men's shirt that I liked the look of the front.  PERFECT for a recon job!  AND it is from Jeans for Genes Day!  Can't WAIT to get my hands on it and my scissors and my sewing machine!

A lovely velvet-type material that is made up in a rectangle and lined on the back - my thoughts.....a bag - with lining already to match!  No going through my stash to look for the perfect lining for this one!

Fabric remnants - with a little bit of interfacing to boot!  THAT was a surprise!

Cotton yarn - gonna be perfect for what I want to make as Chrissy presents this year!

Clockwise from top left - 2 flannel pillow cases that will go superbly as flannel pants for Weez for Winter, Vogue pattern that tickled my fancy, red skirt - perfect for a recon job and chicky minky-type material....just perfect for the gift I plan on making for my friend who has just had a baby!
So what have I been up to today?  Cleaning out my office, of course!!  What else would any SANE person be doing the day after finding some goodies and making plans for each piece???  Seriously, though - it was in dire need of a great clean!  With my back the way it has been....I have been unable to do JACK and it is really really ticking me off!!  I can honestly say that, today, I have earned my keep around here!  LOL  TONIGHT, however, my sewing machine will be getting a much needed work-out!  Will come back tomorrow and have a little show-and-tell!