It's Friday and that means that I have Mickey and William at home.....all to myself!  I am yet to determine whether this is a good thing or not, as the house always seems a mess with kids at home during the day and my 'days off' (Monday to Thursday, when they are at daycare) seem to make me a little complacent of things that go on in the house of a family!  I mean - I get to do pretty much anything I want when they aren't here with minimal interruptions.  That means that, should I like, I can leave the sewing machine on the dining table and go to the toilet, go downstairs and hang up/take off washing, clean rooms a know?  General house stuff when I get the motivation to do it.

With young children at home, that luxury is taken away and I find myself cleaning up after them constantly.  Whether it be apple off the lounge floor, because I was busy elsewhere, like cleaning a mess in the bathroom that they had made not 5 minutes earlier or refereeing a fight over a cup that Will has stolen off Mickey (Will still has sippy cups around the house, because he just won't stay still for long enough to drink one whole drink).

This weather lately truly sucks for the SAHM.  I's not raining right now, but it did last night and early this morning, so if I let them downstairs, there will be an even bigger mess when they come up, because they will have found one of the mud puddles in the yard and play in that.  If you have more than one kid, do you find it hard for them all to do the same thing at once without having to talk to them 2 or 3 times?  OH MAN!!  What I wouldnt give for an episode where they would! 

I will give you an example - we had ALL the kids one wet weekend and they decided to go outside and play.  'No problem' I thought.  Um....YEH!!  Problem!  They all decided to come inside at the same time to have something to eat!  Now, a kid intent on filling his/her empty stomach is one hard to sway from their task!  As soon as they came to the back door, they were asking for towels (which is no problem in my house - we have plenty to go around!).  While I was getting said towels, one kid came inside and tried to get into the fridge......dirty paws and all!  Said kid was soon bundled off and directed to the bathroom.  2nd kid at door is just itching to come in, so I give him towel and direct them in the direction of the bathroom.  Now.....first kid is sidetracked and in their room!  So first kid told to go to the bathroom (I did this by shouting out to them from the back door), while 3rd kid is eagerly waiting for a towel.  So....we have 1st kid and 2nd kid in bathroom, while I give no. 3 a towel.  I hear a tap turned on in the bathroom and promptly there is the sound of water splashing on the floor.....'Oh goody!' I think.  3rd kid bundled, towels thrown on the floor for the rest of the kids and I follow no. 3 to the bathroom.....just to make sure that they get there!  I find no. 1 in the bath...fully 2 is in their room....fully (dirty) clothed and no. 3 is with me so safe there (whew).  Tap turned off and I have to go and referee a fight at the back door - one kid wants one of the towels that another has got (AARGH!!  How OLD are you?).  Without supervision in the bathroom, water from the bath is then put onto the floor!  So, I set myself to the task of cleaning 3 kids in bathroom....stripping them is an easy task, but getting them out of the bathroom so that the older kids could have their turn is a different matter!  THEN there is the problem of them getting dressed!  Mickey and Will are quite happy to run around naked (what 2 and 3 year old aren't?), so they are mucking around, while I am tending to the older kids (one went to the kitchen for food - HUH?? - another went to their room for clothes - the dirtiest of them all!).  Said kids shooed from the kitchen and room and told to stay in the bathroom.  THEN they all refused to undress in front of eachother!!  I cant imagine just exactly WHY!!  LOL  So I stayed in bathroom and watched and made sure girls did not look at boys while they washed and redressed and made sure they got outta there ASAP (no mucking around, like they usually do).  All this time, the boys are being really quiet.....cannot imagine what they are up to and do I really want to know..?  Um....I dont think so!!  With the 'watcher' task complete, I head to see what the boys are up to..........hmmm.........their room is trashed, toys are everywhere (nothing unusual there)........not in my room (make up being the object of choice in there)........EEP!!  They are in the girls' room and have managed to pull out ALL the clothes from Amy's cupboard and are 1/2 way through climbing up and getting Moo and Courtney's!!  Not to mention that they somehow found Moo's deodorant and are spraying it under one of the beds!!!!  Room smells pretty, but it is all too strong for my nose! 

This will continue all day for me (unless Pete is home).  I will continually go from one kid or other and have to deal with some problem or another.....only to have another problem raise it's ugly head while I am distracted!  I soooooo wish that I had a room for each of them, then I could send them to their rooms and not hear from them for the rest of the day (HA!!  I don't think so, but it would be nice to dream, hey?').  Or a Tardis!!  With a Tardis, I could travel to another place, another time and I could get away from it all.  OH!!  I time travel machine!!  I could fast forward to when they are mostly grown and then they might have a bit of 'maturity' about themselves and not fight so much.....WHO am I kidding!!??  They are bound to fight when they get older, aren't they?  Just might get a little more violent and vindictive then!!  Dont get me wrong - there are good days where nothing seems to happen at all (only a few minor incidents - and the days go so quickly!!) and there are the bad days, where nothing seems to go right (and THESE are the days that last the longest!).  Why oh why cant the days that are good just go slowly and the bad ones go quick?

Anyhoo......I leave you with pictures of Mickey and Will's adventure today - Mummy and Daddy's bed.  They kindly stripped it (wash day is not til tomorrow, boys, but thanks anyway!) and were using the blankets at the bottem as a buffer while they went over the end, so they didnt bump their heads on the wooden floor on the way down!

Looks like fun, hey? 

See those hats attached to the wall?  I got in trouble for putting holes in the wall last weekend, coz I was sick and tired of finding them just lying around the house!  There are more on the wall opposite around our duchess mirror!

And see my new 'best friend' in that last picture?  The thing on my side of the bed between the bed and the sidetable?  Um, yeh.....wasnt too impressed in having to need it every now and then, but, as you can probably see from the photos in this post (yep - that is me standing 'normally'), I have a problem with my posture...all caused by my back/hip!  This little beauty not only helps me to take weight off my leg (which KILLS when I am having a bad day), but helps me to correct this posture issue when I use it on my left side.

OH!!  And one last thing!  See that little 'land mine' of a car on the floor?  Hmmm....yes, well.....THAT is another thing that I am sick of round here!  We have entirely too many and they get underfoot all the dang time!!