Well....not officially, just yet (still have paperwork to do, like bank account numbers and the like to give to them), but I got 'the' phone call this morning, confirming my employment with the Cerebral Palsy League!!  Just another area that I want to delve into.....besides nursing, that is!

So.....I will be doing a minimum of 48 hours per week (ETA - Um....I meant fortnight!)....permanent part time - shift work.  I dont know how it will all go, right now, but I am gonna give it my best shot!  Weekends will no longer be mine, no doubt, but I hope to get the important weekends off, when my bestie gets married next month and my bro gets married in September!

I was actually successful for both job interviews, but this is the better one (more down the career path that I would like to go - not so much the pay rate).

I got my proverbial finger out over the weekend and 1/2 completed another crochet project for my friend.  Honestly, it was WAY too hot this afternoon when I would normally sit down and do some more for me to continue it!  Here is what I am doing:

The pattern is from the August/September issue of the UK mag Inside Crochet, called "Azure Skies" and worked in Moda Vera Believe.  Not my immediate choice, but when K trawled through my patterns, this is the one that she chose herself.  I am actually liking it!  I dont like making a mistake (but, then again, who does?), coz it is a fluffy wool and catches on itself all the dang time!  However, this would have to be my biggest project using a small hook that I have done and I am getting quite proud of myself because of it.  I reckon she will like it!

Alrighty, then!  That's all from me today!  Hope everyone had an excellent weekend!  And hope you have an even better week!!  TTFN!