I sat here and started to type my title for this post as "Tired!!!"  But then realised that I have already written that post title before in the last couple of months!  Thank goodness for 'autocomplete' or I would bore you to death with a post of much the same thing!

So, back to my original question (but not my original post title) - What do you consider worse for making you tired?

I am finding myself knackered after work most nights/days.  Most of my shifts have been 6-8 hours long and have been jam-packed with activity!  I am finding myself doing things around the house just to keep busy....much like I would here, if I didnt have a computer!  hehe  I also find myself not taking many breaks, because I AM in a house and there IS so much to do (basic housework has been seriously lacking in the last couple of months) - bad, I know!!  Particularly when I am trying to put ON weight!

I honestly cannot wait to be trained for community access (where you take the client out shopping, to the movies, etc)!  THAT was supposed to happen Wednesday just gone, but some crap went down at the house and I had to stay 'home' to help out.

Needless to say....I have not been doing anything other than going to work and spending time with the family!  However, here are a few photos that I love and have not yet shared with you guys!

This shot was taken while I was driving - by me!  LOL  It's not the best, because it is from my phone, but I still love it, all the same.  The view is what you get when you leave Gladstone and head up here along the highway past the powerhouse.  To the right of the sun, there, you can see Mt. Larcom.  It is a popular little 'mountain' that you can climb in a day, though the track is a little rough and you need ALL day to do it in!  I think that I have only done the trek once in my life!

Ah.....my scooter!  Where would I be without it?  This is how Will liked to ride it, to start with.  He was a little too short to see over the top, therefore got a little scared!

The three little men in my life.....this picky is a little out-dated, but I love it all the same!  See those little tanks in the background on top of the big one?  Well, they are my 'breeding' tanks!  My electric yellow cichlids decided that it might be a good idea to breed and give us babies!  Lovely little nature lesson for the kids.....especially when Mummy fishy decided that she would like to make some room in the little tank and EAT some of her babies!  LOL

Nothing to add here......just a classic shot of Bubba!  Cracks me up every time I look at it!

Tearing down the BBQ......the boys had soooo much fun that day!  They just didnt like cleaning the mess up!  Like father, like son(s), I spose!!