How time flies!!  So much for me starting another blog!  I have been very busy with work and have been unable to find time to do anything other than spend time with my family and go to work!  So, it has not been all dull and gloomy here....although the recent cyclone that threatened our shores made the days that way! 

We enjoyed a trip down to Gladstone, once again.  This time for my best friend's wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony - done in Celtic traditional style, where the bride and groom quite literally 'tie the knot' by having ribbons draped over their clasped hands and tied together after they said their traditional (but not the 'I do') vows.  Each ribbon represents a certain aspect that they 'may' bring to their union, but which is 'not their intention'.  Here are some links to help me out, because it is quite beautiful to watch, but quite difficult for me to explain right at this point in time (I have just finished a 'sleepover' at work - more on that later!).
Scroll down to see the actual vows they took - this is pretty much it!
And about the colours -

This is truly a beautiful ceremony!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera, so I do not have photos of the bride and groom (or the beautiful ribbons J made!).  I manned J's camera for the afternoon/night and *think* I got a couple of shots that she would like!  Unfortunately, she wanted the camera for the honeymoon, so I couldnt take it home and take them off (I tried - I truly did!!).  However, I will leave you with my fantabulous point and shoot photos (which, as you should know, I am a HUGE fan of right now!  hehe) of the clouds and landscape coming into Gladstone on the weekend of the 21st/22nd March:

How do you know you are nearly into Gladstone?  When you travel from the north and take the turn off from Mt Larcom, you get a grand view of the powerhouse!  Sometimes it looks dull and boring, like many industrial buildings, but on this day, it was looking a little more spectacular in the heavily overcast conditions!

These photos were taken on the way home - the day before the night the cyclone was due to hit the coastline.  It is amazing how, just over 500kms away, we were affected by Ului!  Although we weren't as affected as those actually HIT by it, we still felt the shock!  Notice how overcast it is?  This was the main aim of these photos that day!