We have recently celebrated Moo's graduation from Primary school and Bubba Pete's graduation from Kindy. Brings a tear to my eye to think that they are getting older and growing up, but I have found that there is no kind and gentle way to keep them young, so have resigned myself to the fact that they will and there aint nothing I can do about it! Well here they are.....Moo ready to go to her graduation dance (all dressed up and looking grown up!)....the awards that she raked in this year (one VERY proud Mum, here!)......and Bubba receiving his little certificate from the daycare Director - kitted out in a little grad hat with tassle that they made for them (very very cute, dont ya think?).

I also ripped out my sewing machine and used some of the pillow cases that I have had stored for AGES....just waiting for me to do something with them! All girls now sport new jammies (Moo lacks pants....they are still to come). Needless to say, they love them! Corky is particularly proud of herself, because she sewed the straight edges on hers. I did the fiddly bits and the hemming and waistband of her pants (she has them on, you just cant see them - makes this little jammie set available for next year, I reckon!)......but she is VERY proud of what she did!

And finally, at the daycare Christmas party recently, the boys saw Santa! The look on Mickey's face when Santa came out was priceless and I missed taking a photo of it! With money a little tight this year, this will probably be the only photo of any of the kids with Santa that we will get!

Exciting times to be had over the next couple of days! I have a lot of plans for things to make and do over the coming days, leading up to Christmas! Tomorrow will be more sewing with Pete's cousin coming over and borrowing my machine to make her Grandaughter a little Chrissy outfit and I still have a couple of pressies to make! Sometime in that, too, I have to go and brave the shopping crowds and get the last few little presents that Pete kindly reminded me of tonight! I thought I was finished and could relax! DOH!!


Tracy said...

Merry Christmas Shelli and family.