In an effort to make this Christmas as 'cheap' (but not nasty) as possible, I set off with my crochet hooks a couple of months ago and started to craft up some goodies for my friends and family.

Every year, Pete's family has a 'Secret Santa' list (not so secret when everyone gets a copy of the list!) that needs to be filled with monetary amounts allocated against each name. Each year, I feel like a cheapskate for not spending that full monetary amount on who I am supposed to buy for, but I have decided NOT to feel that this year, since I have basically spent next to NO money on the presents that I plan on giving out! Most have been lovingly handcrafted by my hands from my stash (I will admit to buying a couple of things when Spotlight had a sale on balls of yarn recently) or bought at an earlier stage at sales and kept in a box, just waiting for a time like this to come along.

Here is what I have managed to make so far:
A nice, soft lapghan for my Dad

Nice and easy lapghan for my niece and nephew
(Pattern can be found here)

And a little shawl for another niece (modeled by my beautiful daughter, Weez!)
(Pattern can be found here)


A beanie and scarf set for my brother
I used a plain dark blue yarn and added white sewing thread while crocheting.

Slippers for one of my besties. I made some a little smaller for her daughter in purple and pink, but I have already wrapped them! hehe. These were so easy and quick to make! I got the pattern from a crochet mag I usually buy. More to come, since they are so easy!

I plan on getting a few more things made before Christmas. My sewing machine will be coming out and I will be whipping up a few things on that, too! Better get my butt into gear, hey? LOL